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Balian (Asian massage)

Within an hour, the master carries out a deep point effect on all parts of the body. It is believed that such massage arouses the energy of the human body. Massage helps to get rid of muscles, migraine pain, helps with allergies, asthma, osteochondrosis and in the treatment of sports injuries.
Balian massage can be supplemented with aromatherapy, legs, music and other pleasant rituals. It combines effectiveness and pleasure.


It is proved that essential oils are capable of, thanks to a small molecular weight, penetrate the blood through the skin and have a beneficial effect on the whole organism.
Aromatherapeutic massage can not only have a cosmetic effect (anti -cellulite, anti -aging), but also help in the treatment of various diseases, as well as influence the emotional sphere.

Massage for relaxation

It is no secret that the main problem of a modern person is a high level of stress, which triggers the development of many diseases.
Regular relaxing massage helps to reduce stress, which favorably reflects throughout the body.

Anticellulite massage

It becomes a hit in front of the beach season, but you need to remember that the effect will be only after a course of 10-12 procedures.
Properly performed anti -cellulite massage allows you to align the skin, reduce the manifestations of cellulite and even lose weight a little, acquiring chiseled forms.

Hot stones massage (Stone therapy)

This type of spa procedure is popular due to a pleasant sensation.

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